Safety Concerns of Lasik Eye Surgery

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by admin on February 26, 2010

Lasik eye surgery is a fairly recent technology that can correct those with astigmatism, myopia or nearsightedness, and hyperopia or farsightedness. It can correct vision to 20/20 and boasts quick recovery time. Many people are choosing to have Lasik eye surgery performed to fix their vision problems but there are a few health and safety concerns everyone should be aware of before opting into the surgery.

The possibility for having to be retreated with laser surgery are very high for people who suffer from astigmatism, need a high vision correction, and are older in age. This has accounted for a nearly 1 in 5 ratio of people who will need to have their vision corrected once more after the laser surgery.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has stated that lasik surgery is most effective on those with light refractive errors causing them to become nearsighted. Those with advanced cased of myopia and hyperopia will have a smaller chance of fixing their vision with just one treatment. The same applies to astigmatism which is an uneven shape of the surface of the eye. This is always very difficult to correct and patients should keep that in mind when looking to get lasik surgery.

Those who decide to opt out of receiving lasik surgery should also consider the health risks of wearing contacts frequently. Sometimes contact wearers can forget to take out contacts and cause a serious infection of the eye. Dirt can also get lodged between the contact and the eye when contact lens wearers use their contacts correctly. Eye infections can have serious consequences such as vision loss. Lasik eye surgery actually reduces the risk of eye infection for people that would have normally worn contacts. This is a great relief as contact wearers would lose the hassle of remembering to change contacts and not wear them in certain places such as chemistry labs and chemical plants and actually makes lasik surgery a safe option for contact wearers.

Lasik has come very far in recent years and remains a very safe procedure. Talking to a doctor to see if it is recommended for every specific type and advancement of a refractive error is always very important. Patients who keep realistic ideas in mind for the results they are likely to see will be more satisfied with their surgery in the long.

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